Ann Shier

A painted winter scene. A white textured snow-covered ground, with a small silhouette of a deer with antlers standing under a blue sky with white dots and a white sun with circular rays. The horizon line has black vertical lines, as a fence or treeline.

Ann Shier
Title: Winter Solstice
Date: 2023
Medium: encaustic


Tour Stop: 19


About the artist:

“My artistic practice is an exploration of the limitless possibilities offered by the encaustic medium, which involves the fusion of beeswax, resin, and pigments. The fluidity of the wax enables me to create organic forms and abstract compositions, inviting viewers to interpret and connect with their own emotions. Working with encaustic is both meditative and unpredictable, as each layer of wax adds a new dimension to the artwork, creating a history and story embedded within the work itself. This process reflects the complexities of life and the human experience, with its constant building, excavating, revealing, and concealing.

Ultimately, my encaustic practice is a journey of discovery and self-expression. It allows me to explore the interplay of texture, color, and form, and to communicate my personal experiences and emotions. Through my encaustic artworks, I invite viewers to embark on their own visual and emotional journey, engaging with the tactile qualities of the wax, and finding solace and inspiration in the beauty and complexity of the encaustic medium.” – Ann Shier


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The interior of the Artist’s studio. Four people sitting around a long table with art making materials; brushes, pigments, papers. One person is holding their paper artwork up and looking at it with a brush in their hand.  The interior of the Artist’s studio. Seven happy people sitting around a long table with art making materials; small canvases, brushes, pigments, as well as rolls of paper towel and coffees.


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40th Anniversary: KAST Selections Exhibition

Paul Nabuurs, Kawartha Highlands Reflected, 2023, acrylic on canvas

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