Annette Vlieg

Sculpture of a bust with long golden braided hair that tuffs at the crown of the head around golden shells. A symmetrical band of dark colour covers the eyes. Chest features delicate brown circular patterning and soft blue gradation.

Annette Vlieg, Macha, 2022, paper mâché & mixed media


About the Artist:

Annette Vlieg is a self-taught, multi-media artist who works primarily with paper mâché. The sustainability of paper mâché appeals to Annette, as it offers her the opportunity to recycle found natural objects. Each sculpture is created using paper mâché (or paper clay), shells, rocks, wood, twisted paper rope, and beads. Upon completion, each piece is sealed with gesso, then layers of acrylic paint are applied to develop a finish.

“I was initially drawn to simplicity of form and capturing quiet expressions of the female face. I have shifted to incorporate objects from nature as a means of reflecting my strong feelings for, and connection to, the natural world. I have also incorporated ideas from my work as a clinical therapist to express “parts” of the psyche that are somewhat universal, though often hidden. Upon the completion of each piece, I search for a name that captures the essence of what the piece has come to represent. The names often have their roots in Greek mythology, which is also strongly associated with nature and themes of personality.” – Annette Vlieg

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Studio image interior of the artists studio with works displayed.

Studio: interior of Annette Vlieg’s studio

Studio Location: Tour Stop 23


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Selections: 39th Annual Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour

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Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour: Selections

Jul 9, 2022 to Oct 2, 2022

The Art Gallery of Peterborough is open Wednesday to Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm. Admission is by Donation.

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