Jordan Dunlop

abstract painting in bright magentas, whites and blues with dripping paint and visible brushstrokes

Pull Tightly, 2016, acrylic on plexiglass, 30″ x 21″ x 1.5″

About the Artist:

Jordan Dunlop’s paintings explore gestural abstraction based on unconventional mark making, both intentional, as well as by chance and error.  Strategies producing unique painting applications involve laying a foundation of paint straight from the tube and slapping together two pieces of Plexi-Glass.

Jordan paints on Plexiglas, and his method of process provides a window into deep layers of paint that would otherwise be hidden from the viewer. This results in fractal patterns and shapes that are produced from underside of the paint pulling on the surface.  Painting on both the front and reverse side of the picture plane is a method he describes as “Dyslexic Alchemy”. This dual sided method of painting transforms common paint marks into grand gestures simply by turning the Plexiglas around and utilizing both surfaces. Born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario Jordan Dunlop exhibited art from an early age, continuing throughout his adult life.  His intention is to engage in his art with a child-like enthusiasm. This is made evident through voluminous output of drawings and reclaimed objects to paint on.  Jordan’s consistent studio activity is due to the transformative benefits gained through the process of making as well as experimental visual applications propelling artworks forward in new ways.

Studying at NASCAD-U in 2006 in Halifax opened doors to a worldly art community where Jordan had opportunity to travel to London, England.  There he developed artwork and exhibited in prominent galleries like the Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition 2006-07.

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