Kim Sanderson

In the centre of the piece there is an old television consol with an antenna, two large dials, and the television screen is off. The body of the television is bright orange with peg legs. Below the TV is a bowl of cereal and milk with a box beside it that says “Fruity O’s”

Kim Sanderson
Title: Retrovision
Date: 2022
Medium: digital illustration, augmented reality animation, & paper


Tour Stop: 11


About the artist:

“Digital technology and art are beautiful companions. I use technology to augment and evolve my work. I explore life with art, and art with both new and old technology. I create installations that further my exploration of world issues, including queer expression. I reflect on History through modern interpretations by combining mixed media and technology to create a shared experience through art.” – Kim Sanderson


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The interior of the artist’s studio; a white chair is positioned between two doorways into other areas of the studio, with work displayed on the wall.


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40th Anniversary: KAST Selections Exhibition

Paul Nabuurs, Kawartha Highlands Reflected, 2023, acrylic on canvas

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