Lesley & Al Kroach

A blue and white glass blown vessel with a geometric line patterning. The vessel is sitting on a black surface

Lesley & Al Kroach
Title: Aqua Harmony
Date: 2023
Medium: fused glass


Tour Stop: 33


About the artists: 

Lesley and Al Kroach have a long history working together with different mediums. Their collaborative art journey started in the 1970s when they fell in love with the world of stained glass. Since then, they have explored painting, printmaking, photography, and creating whimsical vintage clocks.

Lesley graduated as an illustrator and worked as a graphic designer for over 10 years. She is currently an interior design consultant in Toronto which she has done for more than 35 years. She has exhibited her paintings and serigraphs at art shows and galleries and has hosted art shows on Stoney Lake to bring local artists together.

Al is an avid photographer fascinated by the way in which simple subjects can be given a new dimension with the right shot. He has adapted his photography with mixed media to make unique and interesting pieces.

Today, Lesley and Al work with fused glass. It all started when they were spending the winter in Florida; the weather took a turn, forcing them inside. They discovered a local glass studio, which ignited their passion. Since then, Lesley and Al have taken courses across North America, and have built an impressive studio at their home on Stoney Lake.


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The interior of the artists’ studio; a wall of vertical slots and bin storage for artist materials and a large worktable with stools around it.


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