Tim Wales

A surrealist scene; a mountain with houses on the top, and a faceless creature with multiple tentacles, hands, and feet is imbedded below. There are multiple whales floating around the mountain in the air.

Tim Wales
Title: Time of the Whales
Date: 2019
Medium: acrylic on canvas


Tour Stop: 14


About the artist:

Tim Wales is a self-taught visual artist living and working in Peterborough, Ontario. He works in a range of media, focusing on acrylic paint and emphasizing on creativity and detail. Imbued with endless curiosity and fuelled by a fascination with art and science, Tim seeks to create doorways that connect the worlds within his mind to the physical world around him. In 2023, Tim opened his art and tattoo studio in Downtown Peterborough, which he currently owns and operates.


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The interior of the artist’s studio; a waiting room with two chairs and a table, plants along a windowsill, and the artist’s work arranged on the wall. The interior of the artist’s studio; a grey coloured room with works on paper and canvas arranged on the wall and easel.


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40th Anniversary: KAST Selections Exhibition

Paul Nabuurs, Kawartha Highlands Reflected, 2023, acrylic on canvas

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