Vincent Way-Nee

Two light wooden bowls with a distinctive grain set on a dark background.

Vincent Way-nee
Title: White Ash Bowls
Date: 2023
Medium: wood


Tour Stop: 15


About the artist:

“I am fascinated by the process of taking a mundane chunk of wood and turning it on the lathe to produce hollow forms, bowls, and plates that reveal the intricacies of the wood. I have developed my own style based on simple forms to let the wood be naturally displayed.

I first started turning wood 30 years ago in Ottawa, Ontario, and now work out of my workshop in Peterborough, Ontario. I use a lathe and only a few tools to create pieces that showcase the beauty of nature. I specialize in turning hollow vessels from a single piece of wood, often a burl or wood with interesting grain patterns. Burls are bumps found on the side of a tree, containing an irregular grain pattern.

Each piece is unique and is completed in several stages, sometimes with months of drying time between each stage. The varied colours of each piece are all natural, whether from exotic or domestic woods. Each piece is carefully sanded and finished with a natural, non-toxic oil. My work has been displayed in various galleries throughout Ontario including the Muskokas, Toronto, and Peterborough. My work is currently on display at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

I am a founding member of the Kawartha Woodturners Guild and have instructed many fellow woodturners throughout the province.” – Vincent Way-Nee


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The interior of the artist’s studio; shelves arranged with the artist’s work, larger bowls on a lower shelf under tools that hang from the wall. The interior of the artist’s studio; a woodshop with a window and brown door. A saw is in view and a shelf holding the artist’s works.


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40th Anniversary: KAST Selections Exhibition

Paul Nabuurs, Kawartha Highlands Reflected, 2023, acrylic on canvas

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