Artist Talk with Michèle Karch-Ackerman

black and white photo of Michèle Karch-Ackerman as a child reading a book


Artist Talk

Ghost Seamstress | Michèle Karch-Ackerman

Sunday, June 5 from 11am – 12pm


“I make clothing for ghosts. The dead, the forgotten, and the hurting. For thirty years I have stitched conceptual wardrobes to manifest healing.” – Michèle Karch-Ackerman


Join us on Sunday, June 5 from 11am to 12pm for an artist talk with Michèle Karch-Ackerman on her solo exhibition, Ghost Seamstress.

The act of making garments by hand, one by one, each time with a wearer in mind, is an act of devotion. When the intended is no longer living, this may seem an impractical gift. What it does, is hold space for their imagined lives, a place in which to put the energies of grief and hope. Each stitch is a reverential gesture; an offering; a product of care.

Michèle Karch-Ackerman is a nationally recognized contemporary artist whose installations are known for inspiring viewers with their provocative and touching subject matter. For over thirty years her artistic practice has involved the devotional act of sewing clothing. Karch-Ackerman is an installation artist drawn to domestic, traditionally feminine, work: embroidery, needlepoint, knitting, dress and doll-making. Her work considers the dead, the forgotten, the and the hurting.

The Art Gallery of Peterborough is open from 11AM to 5PM, Wednesday to Sunday.

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