Private: Code Mobile Workshops with Canada Learning Code

Art-making with Processing: Sunday May 26

9:30 am – 12:00:

Workshops are free but space is limited: please register by calling 705.743.9179.  

Why learn about generative art?

Are you a visual learner? Do you enjoy creating digital art or playing with interactive visual technology?

The Code Mobile is excited to host this generative art programming workshop with Processing! This workshop will focus on teaching the fundamentals of computer programming in a visual context, and highlight how simple mathematical equations can create beautiful and engaging outcomes.

Processing is often used in electronic arts, new media art, and visual design. The application itself allows anyone to code in something called a Sketchbook, where programs can be saved and previewed instantly. Learners will use geometrical shapes and lines to create interactivity with their mouse and keyboard, and use colours to create visually intricate designs!

They will also be introduced to, where they can share their sketches with others and view other amazing, experimental creations. Each Generative Art with Processing workshop has the same flow, but different activities. Come and create new artwork every time!

What will I have learned by the end of this workshop?

  • I can create algorithms in Processing
  • I can draw shapes using x,y coordinates
  • I can use conditionals to make my project interactive
  • I can use variables to track and change things in my project
  • I can use Open Processing to KEEP CODING!

About the Code Mobile:

Our Code Mobiles offer fun, beginner-friendly, hands-on workshops and tech stations that teach computational thinking and technical skills in a social and collaborative way. Each workshop includes a combination of kinesthetic ‘unplugged’ activities as well as ‘plugged’ activities using visual coding tools.