Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour

Please welcome the 2020 Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour Artists!

The Peterborough-Kawarthas region is rich with talented artists and craft makers practicing in a range of styles and media. The Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour (KAST) offers the public a unique opportunity to view art in the working spaces of artists, while artists and makers get the opportunity to share their practice, connect with potential supporters, and promote their work.

This year, however, we will have a bit of a different look.

As a cultural organization that deeply values the well-being of our community, the Art Gallery of Peterborough has been closely observing the development of the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuring we take all reasonable measures to protect you, our staff and the artists. It is our priority to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience.

As such, please stay tuned as we will be making more announcements in the coming weeks. We will be providing updates on changes and what you can expect for this year’s KAST. Until then, please take this time to check out all of the amazing artists and makers that our region has to offer!

City of Peterborough:

Wood-carving of a Rooster, with red, black and yellow markings

John Boorman

ceramic vessel with two curled handles

Suzanne Woods

Glass bead of a tree with autumn leaves

Kira Robertson

painting of floating objects in the sky

Victoria Wallace

Yellow and rust-coloured vase

Bill Reddick

carved wood image of a white house on a seaside rock with a blue sky

Bronson Smith

Woodblock and letter press print, with the words Let Go

Jeffrey Macklin

Portrait of a woman

Anne Hoover

Snow-covered city alleyway, with pink sunset sky

John Climenhage

Landscape of birch trees in autumn, overlooking a lake

Leanne Baird

Abstract painting with Yellow, White, and Blue stripes, and pink blue and yellow shapes

Carol Forbes

Red Canadian Pacific train in a docking station, with snow on the ground

Peer Christensen

handmade silver chain bracelet and pendant

Frances Timbers

abstract landscape painting, with red, white and blue brushtrokes

Megan Ward

Barren tree and crow scene, burned into wooden face of a bowl, with black dimpled recess in the middle

Frank DiDomizio

White abstract painting with yellow and black accents

Connie van Rijn

landscape painting of a crashing wave on the shore

Darlene Winfield

Landscape painting of pine trees on granite rocks, overlooking a lake.

Carlo Allion


Village of Lakefield:

Abstract painting with primary colours and white and black blocks of colour

Holly Edwards

pink sunset over a winter forest scene

Shannon Taylor

Trees after an early snowfall

Petter Rotter

quilted scene of a sunrise over hills and lake with trees

Stephanie Ford Forrester

Corin Ford Forrester

Brightly coloured, woven felt and stitched textile artwork of flowers.

Christianna Ferguson

Abstract painting, with teal, white, pink and blue streaks

Rowena Dykins

Two horses in a pasture

Mary-Anne Johnston


County of Peterborough:

Abstract painting, with a large wash of yellow, and some areas of blue and green, with paint splatter all over

Eugenie Fernandes

Night scene, with tree holding a crescent moon

Henry Fernandes

Fused stone and glass flower pot with pink flower

Christy Haldane

7 Red peppers on a plate

Lois Shaw

painting of a sunset, with bright psychedelic colours

Paul Nabuurs

Moose silhouette cut from metal plate

David Hickey

Decorative ceramic plate, with brightly coloured houses and animals in the windows and birds on the roof.

Thomas Aitken&Kate Hyde

Two silver rings with engraved pattern

Sandy MacFarlane

mixed media linocut print with text: "Lizzy and George agreed all ailments of the world could be solved over a glass of wine"

Rob Niezen

Landscape painting of a mountain lake

Lucy Lemieux-Wilson

Trees with blue ink splotches, a gold sun-like square, and a canoe

Anne Renouf

Three cloaked women with red, facing a red house on a snowy hill

Corina Kiefert Chester

Landscape painting of a sunset over trees and a lake

Paul Chester

Bronze and silver bowl-shaped bendant

Valerie Davidson

Painting of colourful autumn birch trees

Lucy Manley

Ceramic vase, with ballon shape. Blue and maroon glazing, with criss-cross pattern

Don Clark