Vanessa Dion-Fletcher, Relationship or Transaction (detail), 2014, Canadian notes, screen print, jute twine

Reading the Talk

Sep 12, 2015 to Nov 1, 2015

Michael Poulton, Dante's Inferno

Michael Poulton: The Togetherness of Things

May 8, 2015 to May 10, 2015

Roula Partheniou, Dopplekopf (detail)

Odd One Out

Apr 10, 2015 to Jul 19, 2015

Jérôme Havre, Six Degrees of Separation (detail)

Land Marks

Jan 24, 2015 to Mar 22, 2015

William Joel Davenport, weave scan

Emerging Peterborough: BMP FLOWERZ

Jan 24, 2015 to Mar 22, 2015

Suzanne Swannie, Turned Canvas with Three-Line Lattice and 'Kipper' Inlay

John Climenhage

Terre Sauvage: The Topology of Anamnesis

Nov 14, 2014 to Jan 18, 2015

Esther Simmonds-MacAdam, Man Down (detail)

Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour: Selections

Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour: Selections

Sep 19, 2014 to Oct 19, 2014

Dennis Tourbin in his studio in Paris, France with painted text from Paris, La Nuit, A Painted Play, 1982. © Nadia Laham, 1982.

Dennis Tourbin: The Language of Visual Poetry

Sep 12, 2014 to Nov 2, 2014

AFTER Jeff, Alex, Nick, Charlie and David Bierk Artwork 1

Beth McCubbin, plastic cloud (installation detail)

Beth McCubbin: Material World

Mar 21, 2014 to Jun 22, 2014

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