AGP Studio Online!

Due to efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19, the AGP closed to the public on March 14, 2020. We have been working behind the scenes to reshape our programming,  and we hope that you enjoy these Educational Programs virtually.



Even though you can’t join us at the Gallery, we still want to connect with you, and help keep your creativity flourishing during these unprecedented times. Here you will find a collection of fun and engaging, self-guided art activities, as well as other educational resources for you and your whole family to enjoy!

Check back regularly as we continue to update this page.

As always, we can’t wait to see all of your wonderful creations! Send pictures of your artwork to; OR post them to your Facebook or Instagram pages and tag us @AGPtbo_ and #AGPtbo 

Happy creating!


–the AGP Staff

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Our Heroes!”

At the AGP, we have many heroes, but we wanted to especially thank those who have been working tirelessly to keep us safe and healthy! To all of our first responders, medical professional, City services, and all the citizens of Peterborough who work to keep our shelves stocked and our community running – Thank you!

In March, we asked children and families in our area to make and share artwork to thank our heroes! We received dozens of artworks, from all different ages, giving thanks to the incredible people in our community working in essential services.We want to thank everyone who reached out and submitted their artwork. All of you make Peterborough a wonderful community to live in!

Feature: CBC Radio Morning! (Please note: The interview begins at 28:40)
You can check out the full interview from March 30th here

Click here for more information:

pARTy Monsters!

This is a fun drawing game that can be played by two people, but you can easily play with your whole family as well! Click on the downloadable PDF to read the full instructions.

Suitability: Ages 5+
Players: 2-8

What you will need:

  • A friend or two
  • Something to draw with, like crayons, pencils, or markers
  • One sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper for each person
  • Stop watch or Clock (optional) to set a time limit for each section of your drawing

CREATE wild and wacky “pARTy Monsters!” together by drawing different parts of a Monster, but without knowing what the other person drew.

At the end, you will reveal your “pARTy Monster” creations! It is always sure to be a fun and big surprise!

Remember: It’s okay to laugh at how silly they look. That’s the whole point!


Looking Closer: Viewfinder Activity

We’ve all been spending a lot of time in our homes and looking at the same stuff all the time can start to feel a little boring. Many artists throughout history have felt the same way, but they used this as inspiration to look at people, objects, and places in new and interesting ways.

One tool that they used to help them was a Viewfinder. A viewfinder is an easy-to-make tool that helps artists look closely at small details and create compositions, by allowing them to focus on only one part of the world around them (kind of like looking through a small window!).

The following activity let’s us look closer, build our Visual Literacy skills, and practice our ability to appreciate Art!

Suitability: 3+ (Note: some use of scissors or a sharp blade is needed to cut cardboard)


  1. Follow the picture instructions below, or click here for the downloadable PDF Guide on how to make your own Viewfinder.
  2. Once you have your viewfinder, download the “Looking Closer: Viewfinder Activity” PDF
  3. Use your viewfinder and follow the instructions on the activity sheet


  • How to make: Adjustable Viewfinder


Here are some pictures from the AGP team of what they saw with their viewfinders!


Thinking About Colour: Window Butterflies

Just in time for Spring, we’re making Window Butterflies to bring happiness, colour and joy!

Suitability: 3+ (Note: some use of scissors or a sharp blade is needed to cut cardboard)

What you’ll need:

  • scissors
  • paper
  • something to colour with (markers, paint, crayons)
  • clear tape
  • a printer (optional)


  1. Follow the picture instructions below, or click here for the downloadable PDF Guide on how to make your own window butterfly.
  2. Download and print (or trace using a marker) the Left Wing of the Butterfly and then the Right Wing of the Butterfly.
  3. When you’re ready to assemble, download and print (or trace using a marker) the Body of the Butterfly.
  4. Hang in your window and let the light shine through!



Be the Curator!

Have you ever wanted to be a Curator and create your very own exhibition on our Ramps?

Taking inspiration from Patrick Moore’s 2016 exhibition “song of the cataract” we thought it would be fun for everyone to try!

Suitability: All ages

You will need:

  • something to draw and/or colour with
  • a printer to print off our ramp template found here on the downloadable PDF (file size: 181 kb)
  • your imagination to curate your very own exhibition

Happy creating, and we look forward to seeing your exhibition creations!

For more information on Patrick Moore’s exhibition:



Bookshelf Exhibition

Practice your curatorial skills by curating, installing, and touring your very own Bookshelf Exhibition

Suitability: All ages

What you’ll need:

  • A bookshelf or suitable space to create an exhibition
  • Objects from around your home (try to find interesting, colourful or unique objects – but make sure you ask permission before using them)
  • Your creative mind and curator’s eye


  1. Find a suitable space and carefully clear the space so you can install your own exhibition
  2. Gather objects from around your home and think about how they work together
  3. Install your exhibition
  4. Give a tour of your exhibition
  • Art Gallery of Peterborough: Bookshelf Exhibition

Learn to Observe like an Artist

Now is a great time to get outside and practice our observational skills!

Suitability: 7+

What you will need:

  • A pencil or pen
  • A notebook or some paper
  • Your viewfinder (optional)
  • Learn to Observe like an Artist

Family Sunday

On the first Sunday of every month, the AGP team delivers a FREE drop-in art experience for the entire family. This typically includes a studio project, as well as exhibition tours and activities. However, starting in April we have temporarily moved Family Sunday online! 

Join us on Sunday, June 7, 2020 for our online Family Sunday!

For more information click here:


In case you missed it…

May Family Sunday: May Flowers!

It’s Springtime and that means May Flowers are beginning to bloom all around us! You can make your very own special May Flowers bouquet for someone special in your life, using materials you can find around your own home.


1. Gather your supplies! (for a list of supplies, see the downloadable PDF)
2. Download and follow the step-by step instructions PDF (file size: 2.28 MB)
3. Share your creations on-line with Friends, Family, and us, too!
4. Last, but most importantly, have fun! 🙂

April Family Sunday: 3D Animals!

For our April Family Sunday, with help from our incredible instructor, Laurel, we created 3-D animals out of cardboard and other materials that you can find around your home! We made a fox, a chipmunk, and even a unicorn, but you can be creative and use our templates as inspiration to create your own.

Here’s everything you need to make your own:

  1. Instructions for making 3D Animal Sculptures – PDF (file size: 646 KB)
  2. Chipmunk template: PDF (file size: 270 KB) / JPEG (file size: 204 KB) / PNG (file size: 199 KB)
  3. Fox template: PDF (file size: 284 KB)JPEG (file size: 233 KB)PNG (file size: 223 KB)
  4. Unicorn template (Note: JPEG/PNG have two separate pages): PDF (file size: 457 KB) / JPEG pg 1 (file size: 230 KB)JPEG pg 2 (file size: 239 KB) / PNG pg 1 (file size: 214 KB)PNG pg 2 (file size: 263 KB)


Thank you for joining us! See you again soon!




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