Private: Unpacking the Art Curriculum: Professional Development for Teachers and Educators

Join us for an innovative new series of workshops, Unpacking the Art Curriculum. Designed for educators working with the Ontario Elementary Arts Curriculum, it will offer hands-on art instruction plus insights into the creative process. Educators will walk away with prepared samples, understanding of art techniques, vocabulary, and tools, as well as ideas for exciting art projects and affordable materials for their own classes.

Instructor Linda Warren studied art education at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. She has 34 years teaching experience at all school levels in Ontario and eastern Canada and has extensive experience with the Ontario Arts Curriculum.

Sundays, 1:30 to 4:30 pm
February 10, February 17, March 24, March 31

Full Series (4 workshops): $200
Individual Classes: $60 each

Maximum class size is 17 participants.
Registration fees include materials

February 10: Unpacking Colour/Value and the Art Curriculum: Colour Me Creative

What does colour say? Included in this workshop will be relevant connections to the outcomes of the Ontario Arts Curriculum, a hands-on activity, application techniques, colour theory, vocabulary, art history applications in the classroom and Art Gallery of Peterborough resources: our current exhibit, Permanent Collection and art library.

February 17: Unraveling Line and the Art Curriculum

What is line? Why is it important? How can I teach it? Unravel the mystery behind the use of line in the visual language and create relevant and useful classroom applications and Art Gallery connections through hands on art activities using the Principles of Art as outlined in the curriculum.

March 24: Unpacking Shape and Space in the Art Curriculum

What is the difference between shape and form? How can I create sculptures when my classroom is small and I have a large class? Learn the definitions of shape, form and space through transferable art activities. Adaptable classroom projects will include low-cost supplies and grade-appropriate skills and outcomes as well as connections with the Art Gallery of Peterborough’s studio, exhibitions and collections.

March 31: Unpacking Texture: Implied and Tactile

How can the texture create meaning in art? What activities can I do in my classroom that are creative and motivating? In this workshop participants will explore texture and the Ontario Art Curriculum through relevant and transferable art activities that will also provide a historical art connection using the Art Gallery of Peterborough’s Permanent Collection.

All classes take place at the Art Gallery of Peterborough, 250 Crescent Street. Parking is available in the neighbouring Del Crary lot.