Donna Bolam

About the Artist: 

After more than 30 years as a representational artist, Lakefield artist Donna Bolam started exploring and incorporating abstract and mixed media into her art practice. Her vision to symbolize the complexities of the human condition through this expression proved to be a more accurate and meaningful portal.

Donna draws her inspirations from her experiences as a wife and mother, an intensive and palliative care nurse, and outdoor enthusiast.

Her sensibilities and intuitive promptings enable her to access an inner world of silent secrets and mysteries. From her cache of mediums and techniques she unleashes a wordless response of mark-making, colour and texture onto her canvas.

Donna Bolam has studied with artist Brian Smith (figurative abstraction & portraiture), Brian Atyeo (landscape & abstract), Pauline Bradshaw (classical drawing), Janice Mason-Steeves (cold wax/oil) and most recently a mentorship with American Tonalist, John Felsing.

Viewers have described Donna’s paintings as exuberant, engaging, and provocative tellings of mystery and intrigue.

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It’s All About ART Online Auction Preview

Bronson Smith - All about Art Online Auction 2021

Installation view of KAST Selections exhibition. From Left: Paul Nabuurs, Bronson Smith, David Hickey

The gallery is OPEN Wednesday to Sunday from 11 am - 5 pm. Admission is always FREE!

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