Garrett Gilbart

Green and silver metal sculpture with irregular edges, folds, and cuts. Air plants are incorporated into some folds.

Garrett Gilbart
Title: Lichen Composition
Date: 2024
Medium: hand cut stainless steel & air plants


Tour Stop: 29


About the artist:

With a background in welding and fabrication, coupled with formal training from Sir Sanford Fleming College, NSCAD University, and the Gerrit Rietveld Académie, Garrett possesses both a robust technical foundation and a versatile conceptual skill set. Their artistic practice is defined by the adept use of a handheld plasma cutter; a tool that enables them to shape a diverse range of materials with precision and fluidity. Garrett’s work explores material qualities through carving, forging, and welding. Their work often reflects the body, citing the relation between iron oxide (rust) and the colouring of blood as an example.

“My work often involves found objects, such as tools, that have been reworked and overgrown with steel foliage based on the native plants from around my farm. I am often brought heirloom tools to work on as commissioned pieces. My practice revolves around notions of labour, history and the natural world.” – Garrett Gilbart


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The exterior of the artist’s studio; a metal building with an open red door and a metal sliding barn door. The interior of the artist’s studio; large machinery with various artist materials; spray paint, metal sheets. The view of the studio contains two large windows and a spiral staircase into a small loft space.


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Regular Hours: Wednesday to Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm. Admission is by Donation.

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