James Matheson

A mixed media piece with juxtaposing two colour blocks; a yellow colour block with a line and small square contrasts a grey colour block with yellow nonuniform squares in a 5x6 grid

James Matheson
Title: quadrant of self-doubt
Date: 2021
Medium: acrylic & mixed media on canvas


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About the artist:

James Matheson is a former art teacher and union activist. He has been producing art for over 40 years, mostly in painting and drawing. Since moving to Peterborough in 2016 he has been involved in the local art scene through gallery and café shows, and volunteering for First Friday PTBO, the Art Gallery of Peterborough, Artspace, and local schools.

“I have been making art for over 40 years. My focus is non-representational work in various media. What I struggle towards is an art that balances opposing forces between shape and line, stasis and movement, acumen and emotion. I want to evoke the broadly expressive, while also satisfying the specifically cerebral. I believe that art is a proxy for human experience and human understanding. A landscape painting is about our place within it; a pottery vessel is an echo of the human body and direct evidence of how we work with the earth. In this regard, art objects are memento Mori. I make art to leave behind a trace, a relic of our life experiences, both physical and intellectual.” – James Matheson


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The interior of the artist’s studio; a wall arranged of the artist’s works on canvas, each with a title and price card.  The interior of the artist’s studio; a table arranged with a selection of artist works on paper with a sign that says “James Matheson Lino block relief prints (unframed) $25”


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40th Anniversary: KAST Selections Exhibition

Paul Nabuurs, Kawartha Highlands Reflected, 2023, acrylic on canvas

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