Nickolas Leniuk

A soapstone carving of a tree standing on a quartz base, the bottom of the carving is red, and the top is white

Harold’s Point, 2021, strawberry soapstone on quartz base


About the artist:

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Nickolas Leniuk’s passion for artistic expression was influenced by early years in Kapuskasing Ontario, where forests, and lakes provided an endless backdrop of untouched wilderness. A self-taught artist, painstaking attention to detail is required to complete each hand finished piece. 

“I have been creating art in the Kawartha Region for over 12 years. I create art primarily because I feel a constant urge to express myself by transforming earthly things which I see, feel and imagine into tangible objects. Coming from Northern Ontario, trees have always been an integral part of my life; my connection with them is multi-faceted and very strong, so they are a natural fit as central figures in my sculpture. I feel like I’m paying homage to one of Canada’s greatest renewable resources by making tree sculptures. It brings me joy to share them with people who appreciate their beauty and the contributions they make to our environment and our way of life.” – Nick Leniuk

Nickolas Leniuk is shown in his studio, standing to the right of several stone and wood carvings, displayed on the wall next to him

Nickolas Leniuk in his studio


Interior of Nickolas Leniuk’s studio, a work bench, table, and several stone carving power tools are shown

Interior of Nickolas Leniuk’s studio








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Stone Carving

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Miguel Hernandez Autorino, Why I Left, 2022, oil on canvas KAST 2022 Selections Exhibition

Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour: Selections

Jul 9, 2022 to Oct 9, 2022

Installation view of KAST Selections exhibition. From Left: Paul Nabuurs, Bronson Smith, David Hickey

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