Nickolas Leniuk

Light coloured soap stone carved with a figure; head and arms creating a circle, centre is hollow. Soapstone is stacked upright on a dark flat rock.

Mooncatcher, 2022, soapstone on shale base


About the Artist:

Nickolas Leniuk’s passion for artistic expression was influenced by early years in Kapuskasing Ontario, where forests, and lakes provided an endless backdrop of untouched wilderness. A self-taught artist, painstaking attention to detail is required to complete each hand finished piece. 

“Being from Northern Ontario, my father was a true immigrant Lumberjack so my compulsion to carve trees from stone is in my blood. As an artist, I’m also driven to also create unusual beings from the ‘un’ natural world, which I see in everyday settings. Each piece I create is embedded with my spiritual energy. My work conveys subject matter that is on one hand strong, permanent, and, selfless but on the other hand is temporary, fragile, and at our mercy. My goal is that the art I create stimulates the critically important evolutionary connection between humans and habitat..” – Nick Leniuk


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Studio image of a display of the artist work on shelves.

Studio: interior of Nickolas Leniuk’s studio










Studio Location: Tour Stop 11


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Selections: 39th Annual Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour

Stephanie Ford Forrester, Northland Harmony, 2022 textile, painted cotton & batiks

Miguel Hernandez Autorino, Why I Left, 2022, oil on canvas KAST 2022 Selections Exhibition

Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour: Selections

Jul 9, 2022 to Oct 2, 2022

Installation view of KAST Selections exhibition. From Left: Paul Nabuurs, Bronson Smith, David Hickey

Regular Hours: Wednesday to Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm. Admission is by Donation.

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