Richard Mueller

Richard Mueller is an art maker, recently retired from NSCAD University, who divides his time between the solitudes of Mill Village, NS and Sarasota, Florida. With a life-long commitment to teaching, he continues to teach occasionally through the Dalhousie University Faculty of Architecture.  His work is grounded in the expressive and significant potential of material(ity). Responding to the coded invitation to dialogue in Suzanne Swannie’s “canvas,” he responds to the structural parallels between the thread in textiles and the inherent structural motif of the grain in plywood. The dilemma of craft vs “painting” is inverted by framing the textile within the painted response.


Suzanne Swannie, Turned Canvas with Three-Line Lattice and 'Kipper' Inlay

Summer Hours: The gallery is OPEN daily, Monday to Sunday, from 11am - 5pm. Admission is FREE!

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