Rosemary Dunning

Acrylic landscape painting by Rosemary Dunning. Series of barren sumac trees in winter. Blue background.

Sumac in Winter, 2021, oil, 16″ x 16″

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*Studio is accessible

About the artist:

Rosemary Dunning is a visual artist who works primarily in oil, acrylic and mixed media. At present her practice consists of small and medium sized works mostly residential in scale, unlike her former large scale corporate pieces. Her studio is located in Lakefield Ontario.

She was the former coordinator and instructor of the Design Foundation Program at Humber College in Toronto. She holds Bachelor of English Literature and Fine Art degrees from York University and post graduate studies at Atkinson College and OCAD in related fields of Fine Art and Design.

Her work reflects movement and light in abstract lyrical images drawn mainly from landscape and she relies on her sketchbook drawings to build vibrant compositions. Her Royal Conservatory background is also evident in much of her work.


Interior view of Rosemary Dunning's studio. Large painting hanging on the wall. Various art supplies on a large wooden table.

Rosemary Dunning’s Studio


hand drawn map of Rosemary Dunning's studio location

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