Sara Washbush

Sara Washbush has an MFA degree from NSCAD University and a BFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison specializing in silversmithing.

“I love working silver, pewter, copper and gold by bending, stretching, and hammering. Plasticity is central to my work as it relates to my materials, the skills I use to make (raising, forming), and it is also a metaphor for what occurs in human minds while learning. Plasticity is about change. Change can either be ugly or beautiful, and my work tries to eventually strive for beauty or refinement to communicate completion. I try to balance delicacy with strength as I resolve the form and texture of each piece.”

hematite and silvert claw shaped pendant

Hematite Pendant, sterling silver & hematite, 2019

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jewellry and metalsmithing

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Located at 136 Maria Street in Peterborough’s picturesque East City on Maria Street between Mark and Rogers Streets. Second floor studio loft is in a straw bale building.

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