Stan Olthuis

An icosahedron, each of the 10 visible faces are outlined in white and have different black and white markings in them, many resemble dripping water. There is a white circle around the geometric shape.

Stan Olthuis
Title: Water (from the Platonic Solids series)
Date: 2024
Medium: acrylic, pastel, & collage on paper


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About the artist:

Stan Olthuis is a Canadian multi-disciplinary visual artist currently based in Peterborough, Ontario. His work consists of an ongoing curiosity with our relationship to the world around us. He re-interprets symbolism, such as Sacred Geometry, that has been present in diverse world cultures for millennia. Spatial tension and interaction of abstract shapes are often powered by a palette absorbed from his recent years living in Mexico.

His work with natural materials like wood, rock, and steel, which he refers to as “elemental transformation,” emote timeless artifacts. Concept and process drive his work. Currently, his tools range from metal trowels, power tools, propane torches, and materials as diverse as house paint, stone, wood, rubber, and found objects to make paintings, sculptures, and interactive pieces that welcome the viewer’s involvement.

His formal art education started in Chicago with Henrik Krijger, a celebrated Dutch master printmaker, type designer, painter, and sculptor. Early influences on Stan’s development began with Salvador Dali, Willem de Kooning, Claes Oldenburg, and Robert Rauschenberg. His degree is in Experimental Arts from the Ontario College of Art (OCAD).
Stan’s work is collected and commissioned privately and corporately internationally.

Stan is represented by Gagné Contemporary Toronto/NYC with selected works available at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO).

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The interior of the artist’s studio; multiple works arranged on the walls and table in a living room space, the walls are cream coloured. The interior of the artist’s studio; a white room with a colourful sculpture in the centre. There is a cart of the art supplies and other works beside the sculpture

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