Arnold Zageris: Antarctica

Opening Reception
Saturday January 19, 2019 - 2pm to 4pm

Artist Talk with Arnold Zageris
Saturday March 2, 2019 - 2pm to 4pm

  • Iceberg Variation #9, 2014, archival inkjet print
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  • Iceberg Variation #9, 2014, archival inkjet print
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Breathtaking in its superlatives, Antarctica mesmerizes visitors with its compelling beauty, awe-inspiring landscapes and imposing grandeur. From the delicate tingling sounds of tiny ice crystals, to the majesty of its towering peaks, and the ferocity of its relentless storms, Antarctica animates, inspires, and humbles. It is a continent that has attracted explorers and scientists for over a century while remaining a remote and inhospitable landscape.

Canadian artist Arnold Zageris has travelled to Antarctica five times, always fascinated by the limitless but challenging opportunity to capture its compelling vistas digitally and on 4 x 5 inch film. When possible and when not bouncing in a Zodiac, Zageris always uses a tripod and a large format camera to take only a few photographs after carefully selecting his subject and planning his composition.

With large images, some 58 inches wide, Arnold Zageris conveys the majesty of the Antarctic landscape giving the viewer a unique and intimate experience of this forbidding continent.

Arnold Zageris has won many awards for his work and has exhibited in public and private galleries across Canada including the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, the Canadian Museum of Nature, the Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa, and The Rooms in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. He is the author of two books: On the Labrador (2013) and Antarctica (2016), both published by Fitzhenry and Whiteside. His upcoming book Iceland is slated to be published in the fall of 2020. His work is in private, corporate and public collections including that of the National Gallery of Canada, the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, and the Art Bank of Canada.

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