It’s All About ARTISTS Preview Exhibition

October 8 to November 8


Leanne Baird, Paul Chester, Peer Christensen, John Climenhage, Rowena Dykins, Holly Edwards,
Christianna Ferguson, Eugenie Fernandes, Carol Forbes, Corin Ford Forrester, Stephanie Ford Forrester,    Marilyn Goslin, Christy Haldane, Spencer J. Harrison, Roz Hermant, Mary-Anne Johnston, Jenny Kastner,
Corina Kiefert Chester, Louise Laroche, Lucie Lemieux-Wilson, Jane LowBeer, Laura Madera, Lucy Manley,
Lisa Martini-Dunk, Gregory Maude, Molly Moldovan, Patrick Moore, Rob Niezen, Anne Renouf, Peter Rotter,
Lois Shaw, Bronson Smith, Shannon Taylor, Connie van Rijn, Steven Vero, 
Victoria Wallace, Megan Ward, and Arnold Zageris

Book your visit to preview the incredible selection of artworks available in our It’s All About ARTISTS Online Auction presented by George Ripoll, BMO Private Wealth

Or, check out the virtual tour below!

Since reopening our doors in early August, we have been joyously welcoming visitor bubbles for exclusive bookings to view artworks in person. The return of our audiences to the gallery has made it feel right again and supported our belief that the experience of being with objects of art cannot be supplanted by digital representations of them.

This year, to ensure the health and well-being of our community, we have shifted our annual gala fundraiser to an online auction supporting the artists who have generously supported us. This preview exhibition offers you a chance to see these works, confirm your favourites, and bid with confidence.

The Art Gallery of Peterborough is currently open to the public, by appointment

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