From the Permanent Collection: Trees

Opening Reception
Friday March 22, 2013 - 7pm to 9pm

  • Maishel Teitelbaum, Ennismore Farm
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  • Maishel Teitelbaum, Ennismore Farm
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This show presents selections from the Art Gallery of Peterborough’s permanent collection. It features contemporary and historical oil paintings, watercolours, pen and ink drawings, as well as charcoal drawings and prints by: David Bierk, Ronald Bolt, Marilyn Goslin, J C Heywood, Michael Mazar, George Raab, George A Reid, Jack Shadbolt and Maishel Teitelbaum.
These works display forest scenes, which have long been associated with a sense of mystery, magic, strength, and wisdom in art and literature. In a Canadian context, the first great flourishing of wilderness landscapes occurred with the Group of Seven, and continues with the practices of artists working today. Interestingly, these forest-themed wall works, like most true nature painting or photography, present a view devoid of human beings and almost all of their traces.