Into the Woods: Etchings by George Raab

Opening Reception
Thursday June 13, 2013 - 8pm to 9pm

Artist Talk and Catalogue Launch with George Raab
Thursday August 15, 2013 - 7pm to 9pm

George Raab’s practice spans four decades and is grounded in portraying the wooded world. His touring AGP survey show, Into the Woods: Etchings by George Raab, features variations on this forest theme, which continues to be central to Raab’s practice. This solo exhibition presents a combination of contemporary and traditional printmaking technologies and points to the significance of forest imagery in our cultural imagination.

For those of us living in this temperate climate, we share our world with trees. Whether we live in town or country, Raab’s body of work speaks to this innate relationship with our natural environment. George Raab has come to be associated with this region of Ontario having lived and practiced his art form here for forty years. Yet his artistic practice speaks to an international audience. The tone of his work captures the awe that often overcomes us in that particular moment when the sun hits a frost covered branch or a clearing is glimpsed through the trees. It is a sensation we know from childhood and stays with us throughout our life. The work of George Raab embraces both familiar and exceptional moments, his finely honed printmaking technique creating a kind of suspended reality.

Into the Woods is an AGP touring exhibition. Following its September close in Peterborough, it continues to the Art Gallery of Kamloops, followed by public galleries in Burnaby BC, Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, and Northumberland, Ontario.

Curator: Carla Garnet

This exhibition is supported by a publication: George Raab: Into the Woods Catalogue. The 48-page, full colour exhibition catalogue, designed by Peterborough-based WeDesign and photographed by Wayne Eardley, features essays by Kamloops Art Gallery director, Jann LM Bailey and AGP curator Carla Garnet.


Into the Woods: Etchings by George Raab Publication

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