Life, Still

Opening Reception
Friday November 13, 2015 - 7pm to 9pm

David Bierk, Moira Clark, Ivan Eyre, Carl Heywood, April Hickox, Malcolm Rains, Gordon Rayner, Andy Warhol

The genre of still life painting has endured artistic movements, adapting to and surviving religious, philosophical, and political shifts. Traditionally, still life arrangements are comprised of tables with flowers, fruit, and dead animals. These seemingly banal groupings offer an opportunity for the intense study of light, colour and composition. Some arrangements are dense with symbolic imagery. Vanitas still life works contain reminders of the transience and triviality of mortal life – snuffed candles, skulls, and nearly drained hourglasses. Warhol’s famous soup cans utilize the genre to consider capitalism and production.

This exhibition examines the genre of still life across practices and mediums. Humorous, charming, and contemplative, the works play within and stretch the definition of the genre.

Photography by Lesli Michaelis Onusko

The Art Gallery of Peterborough is open Wednesday to Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm. Admission is by Donation.

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