Rewinding the Galaxy

Opening Reception
Friday January 17, 2014 - 7pm to 9pm

  • Bradburn Opera House, Front Elevation
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  • Bradburn Opera House, Front Elevation
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Curators: Eric Lehman, Micky Renders and Briar Sutherland

In commemoration of its 10th Anniversary, ReFrame International Film Festival presents Rewinding the Galaxy — an intimate portrait of film spectatorship and exhibition in downtown Peterborough for over 100 years. This mixed media installation explores the forgotten movie theatres of yesteryear now buried under the bulk of the Peterborough Square Mall. Beautifully framed, the architecture of amusement is mounted as a reminder of an era when televisions and mobile devices did not facilitate private viewing and personalized video selection. It is the reflection of a time when the Peterborough public would come together to watch films and participate actively in a cinematic culture. From the silent shorts shown at Thomas Bradburn’s Opera House to the 3D IMAX presentations of Cineplex Odeon’s Galaxy mega-theatre, Peterborough has watched a plethora of motion pictures at this location.

Although the days of grand theatres of nineteenth century Peterborough have all disappeared, the downtown core remains to this day a vibrant place to meet as a community, stuff our faces with popcorn and sit down to catch a flick.


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