Selections: 36th Annual Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour Exhibition

August 20 – November 8, 2020


Location: Art Gallery of Peterborough


This exhibit, featuring one piece by each artist, seeks to capture the outstanding quality, spirit, and variety available on this year’s tour. From Stoney Lake to Keene, the annual Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour offers the public a chance to get to know the talented artists practicing across the region.

These works display deep knowledge of the landscape, a respect for light, colour, and form, and a love of life. Playful, strong, and considered, the artists exhibited here utilize their materials to the fullest advantage. Striking and delicate, whimsical and contemplative, this group of artists exemplify our strong and vital arts community.


Please Note:

The Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour Selections Exhibition is located at the Art Gallery of Peterborough.
Visits to participating artists on the tour are organized through each artist individually through the month of September. For those artists who are offering in-person visits to their studio, please note that each Studio Tour artist is managing their own OPEN hours and appointment bookings.


Participating Artists:

Thomas Aitken & Kate Hyde, Carlo Allion, Leanne Baird, John Boorman, Paul Chester, Peer Christensen, Don Clark, John Climenhage, Valerie Davidson, Frank DiDomizio, Rowena Dykins, Holly Edwards, Christianna Ferguson, Eugenie Fernandes, Henry Fernandes, Carol Forbes, Corin Ford Forrester, Stephanie Ford Forrester, Christy Haldane, David Hickey, Anne Hoover, Mary-Anne Johnston, Corina Kiefert Chester, Lucie Lemieux-Wilson, Sandy MacFarlane, Jeffrey Macklin, Lucy Manley, Paul Nabuurs, Rob Niezen,  Anne Renouf, Kira Robertson, Peter Rotter, Lois Shaw, Bronson Smith, Shannon Taylor, Frances Timbers, Connie van Rijn, Victoria Wallace, Megan Ward, Darlene Winfield





The Art Gallery of Peterborough is Temporarily CLOSED to the public

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