Virtual Encounters: David Yu, x-in-waiting

  • David Yu, x-in-waiting, 2020-2023
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  • David Yu, x-in-waiting, 2020-2023
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David Yu, x-in-waiting, 2020-2023

Presented in partnership with the London Ontario Media Arts Association (LOMAA)

March 2023

x-in-waiting is an app-as-art archive of an ongoing performance to camera series created during the COVID-19 quarantine from 2020 – present day. x-in-waiting refers to the period of stasis that occurs for something to become something else. Here the “x” is the variable and stands in for whatever occupation the artist is consumed with while in waiting. This also extends to the “x” of uncertainty pertaining to where we will find ourselves/society and daily living at the end of this moment in time. The work asks viewers to wait with the artist for eight minutes while he symbolically engages in an occupation that takes up his time.

The Art Gallery of Peterborough first exhibited portions of this work in 2020 as part of the juried exhibition: Presently

The App is available for download starting March 1 via the App Store and Google Play. Four new x-in-waiting performances will be added to the app during the month of March and audiences will get a push notification to take some time out of their day and wait with the artist.

Accessibility: the App is free to download with no hidden fees. Performances have minimal, diegetic sound with no spoken words and can be enjoyed without audio as a barrier

Download the app and experience waiting with the artist while he is performing waiting. This app will self-destruct when the waiting is over. 

Download from the App Store, for Apple users

Download from Google Play, for Android users


March 2023—Kite and David Yu:

Artists in conversation, recorded on Sunday, March 5, 2023, at 3 pm

Accessibility: Talk is presented with live ASL and Zoom closed captioning (closed captioning available through Vimeo)

Virtual Encounters presents: Kite and David Yu In Conversation from LOMAA on Vimeo.


Kite aka Suzanne Kite is an Oglála Lakȟóta performance artist, visual artist, and composer raised in Southern California, with a BFA from CalArts in music composition,and an MFA from Bard College’s Milton Avery Graduate School. Kite’s scholarship and practice investigate contemporary Lakota ontologies through research-creation, computational media, and performance. Recently, Kite has been developing a body interface for movement performances, carbon fibre sculptures, immersive video and sound installations, as well as co-running the experimental electronic imprint, Unheard Records. Kite has also published in several journals and magazines, including in The Journal of Design and Science (MIT Press), where the award winning article, “Making Kin with Machines,” co-authored with Jason Lewis, Noelani Arista, and Archer Pechawis, was featured. Kite is currently a 2023 Creative Capital Award Winner, 2023 USA Fellow, and a 2022-2023 Creative Time Open Call artist with Alisha B. Wormsley.

David Yu is a Toronto-based interdisciplinary artist that he subcategorizes under multimedia, installation, and performance. His work stretches from sculptural forms and installation, to audio, video, and live performers. David’s current research is based on performance within a frame of fluxus, where the audience places themselves into the work as participatory elements. He positions himself within the creator-catalyst role that generates situations for viewers to negotiate. David’s practice attempts to modify and pinpoint areas where sculpture/installation, performance, and audience intersect by exposing the notion of the performative gesture that can be embedded in the aforementioned elements. Through this he attempts to coerce viewers into performance, integrating themselves within the experience of the artwork.


April 24, 2021: Live Stream with David Yu

This Live Stream was recorded via Zoom to the Art Gallery of Peterborough’s Facebook page on April 24, 2021 at 2 PM. In this video, AGP Curator, Fynn Leitch, chats with artist David Yu about his practice, lockdowns, and playing with expectations.

Portions of David Yu’s “x-in-waiting” were installed in the exhibition, “Presently.” An ongoing series created during the COVID-19 quarantine, each video documents an 8-minute durational performance for the camera in which the artist symbolically engages in a form of meditation/occupation of his choosing using household items to playfully acknowledge the current situation. Yu has been exploring the limits of gallery space, heterotopias, and the potential of artist-viewer relationships throughout his practice, generating situations for audiences to navigate and setting conditions for accidental and intentional participatory experiences. Yu is based in Toronto and his work has been presented across the globe including Canada, USA, Ireland, and Kenya. 


London Ontario Media Arts Association (LOMAA) Launches Online Performance Series for Spring 2023

LOMAA is excited to premiere Virtual Encounters, a series featuring new or reimagined projects by practitioners working at the nexus of performance and media art, including:

Raven Chacon & John Dieterich | Anyse Ducharme | Jerron Herman | Kite | Autumn Knight | Ellen Moffat | Jacob Wren | David Yu

Virtual Encounters: New Entanglements in Performance and Media

March 1, 2023 – June 30, 2023

Presented online and across various platforms through the London Ontario Media Arts Association

Curated by Christine Negus

With an extensive history rooted in a dialogue on “live”-ness and the ephemeral, performance art has weathered a major shift over the past few years. Though the COVID-19 global pandemic has undoubtedly impacted all arts-related programming, live and time-based practices in particular have been forced to renegotiate presentation modes and adapt to a more virtual, screen-based life. Performance art’s merge with the digital realm, with its seemingly opposite characteristics based in permanence and the archival, has raised challenges for both areas of work. Through this convergence, performance artists have been asked to reconsider these aforementioned essential disciplinary attributes in relation to their practice—both in presentation and developing new projects. These uncharted possibilities associated with the virtual have produced exciting outcomes, which continue to redefine and reimagine praxis, and the fields of both performance and media art, in novel ways.

Over the spring of 2023 the London Ontario Media Arts Association (LOMAA) will facilitate Virtual Encounters: New Entanglements in Performance and Media, which investigates performance art’s newly defined relationship with media. The organization has invited seven artists and one artist duo to present new mediated performances that unsettle their previous modes of creation and address the challenges faced in digital translation. The invited artists span the gamut of performance practices and represent various modalities across the discipline—expanding from, and blurring lines between, embodied movement, sonic interactivity, and intermediality. Virtual Encounters aims to be generative and open possibilities for artists to re-envision their work and to investigate new archival processes, novel (virtual) space, and a wholly different relationship with audiences.


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For more information on the individual artists and their works, please visit LOMAA’s website and Instagram.                                                 


London Ontario Media Arts Association (LOMAA) is a regional, non-profit, artist-run organization focused on the exhibition of media art and experimental time-based work. With an emphasis on progressive contemporary Canadian practices, LOMAA supports the presentation of local, national, and international artists in the areas of moving images, performance, new media, and sound art while facilitating the creation of new work through workshops, commissioning, and partnership. The organization is committed to supporting dialogue about media art today through inclusive and intersectional public events and community engagement. Our dynamic programming seeks to involve audiences from London and the surrounding region, introducing them to innovative artists while encouraging new modes of creation from local makers.


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