Ways Through: from the Permanent Collection

Curated by Nicole Bauberger and Fynn Leitch

Gary Blundell, Mirdza Brandt, Geraldine Davis, Tom Forrestall, Paul Fournier, Sarah Gibeault, J. C. Heywood, Paul Howard Hodgkinson, Denise Ireland, Alex Janvier, Rita Letendre, Kenneth Lochhead, Hugh Mackenzie, Daphne Odjig, Milly Ristvedt, Michael Robinson, Adeline Rockett, Mary Schneider, Ron Shuebrook, Susan Spencley, Elspeth Stevenson, Josef Sudek, Maishel Teitelbaum


This exhibition of works from our Permanent Collection explores many ways art can offer Ways Through. This continues themes from the recently closed Get There From Here by Nicole Bauberger – an epic series of plein air paintings of Canada’s vast highway system. Leitch and Bauberger selected both representational and abstract works that convey movement, either with composition or with content. Structures of transition like doors, pathways, and windows, as well as gestures like sweeping brushstrokes and vibrating colour combinations propel the eye into the worlds contained by the rectangular frames.

Reminding us that looking is itself a way through, the artists invite us past the surface of the works using perspective, illusion, material properties, and evocative narratives.

Where might they lead us?

The Art Gallery of Peterborough is open Wednesday to Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm. Admission is by Donation.

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