Books, glass, ceramics & more

Books, glass, ceramics & more

Locally published books including:

“The Antarctic Book of Cooking & Cleaning” by Wendy Trusler

“On the Labrador” by Arnold Zageris

“Spasm at the Spill” by Jeff Maklin

“Dancing on our Turtle’s Back” (and more!) by Leanne Simpson.

You’ll also find a selection of exhibition publications and children’s books!

Check out our selection of ceramics including:

Thomas Aitken & Kate Hyde (Peterborough region)

Bill Reddick (Peterborough)

Angelo DiPetta (Peterborough region)

Suzanne Woods (Peterborough)

Glass works by Brad Copping (Apsley)

Christy Haldane (Lakefield)

artech studios (Haliburton)