Lisa Martini-Dunk

A scratchboard relief drawing of animals at the forefront of a circus, among these animals is a duck, a horse, a fox, a bear, a racoon, and an elephant, the animals are all shown wearing costumes, such as hats and masks

Wanderlust, 2020, pigment ink and scratchboard







About the artist:

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Born in Edmonton, Alberta, and practicing in Peterborough, Ontario, Lisa Martini-Dunk is a formally trained fine artist and graphic designer who studied art at the University of Guelph and Georgian College.

Stories were always a part of her life, whether myths told by her grandmother or fairytale books given to her father. Lisa creates her visions by using mediums such as printmaking, scratchboard, and acrylic painting. Vitality, nature and words inspire her. The need to describe the essence of life moves her to create. The need to show the world in a more whimsical way is her vision. Lisa has recently been accepted into the Ontario Society of Artists.

Interior of Lisa Martini-Dunk’s studio, shown is a desk with scratchboard and printmaking materials scattered across it, several lamps sit atop the desk

Lisa Martini-Dunk’s studio


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Scratchboard & Printmaking

204 Birdsall Street, Peterborough


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