Lisa Martini-Dunk

A large bulldog with its tongue out to one side sits in front of a red theater curtain. The dog is wearing a “Micky Mouse” hat. There is a blue-star shaped ballon beside the dog. The artist has used scratching to create realistic texture for dog fur and textiles within the piece.

Lisa Martini-Dunk
Title: Presenting Bully Maker
Date: 2024
Medium: scratchboard & pigment ink


Tour Stop: 3 (Art School of Peterborough)


Born in Edmonton, Alberta, and practicing in Peterborough, Ontario, Lisa Martini-Dunk is a formally trained fine artist and graphic designer who studied art at the University of Guelph and Georgian College.

“Scratchboard lends itself beautifully to storytelling. I am specifically interested in telling stories that connect animals and humans. My goal is to illustrate human emotions and experiences through anthropomorphism. The unimaginable and unreasonable become imagined and sensible through effervescent story telling. Through my work, I hope to connect the viewer to the unlimited imagination of their inner child.” – Lisa Martini-Dunk


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Interior of the Art school of Peterborough; paintings and drawings are displayed on a white wall. Two tables, with red table clothes, are in the middle of the room with food and drinks on them.


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