Private: Caroline deMooy

“The inspiration of my work is rooted in the world of nature which provides my conscious and subconscious with the metaphorical stepping stones to create my own landscapes. The work is not based on any specific idea, but rather a feeling or thought that I have about the essence of the world around me. Depending on the time of day, climate and seasonal conditions, my experience and my perception, nature provides me with a symphony of information that becomes my palette-much like notes in music. The multi-layered world, with its endless possibilities and outcomes presents a vast riddle of visual, emotional, psychological and spiritual information. These paintings represent the architecture of this complex survey.” -Caroline deMooy

Carolyn studied at Alberta College of Art in Calgary, has participated in solo and group shows across Canada and is currently lives in Apsley, Ontario were she maintains her studio and runs Standard 28, a cappuccino bar, antique store and gallery.

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