Darlene Winfield

On exhibition at the Art Gallery of Peterborough:

Exhibition runs from August 20 to November 8, 2020

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About the artist:

Painting mystery, motion and atmosphere within a composition.

Darlene has traveled the world extensively. While living abroad she spent time drawing and studying art and art history. Her passion to travel in Canada and live abroad exposed her to the great art galleries of the world.

Darlene Winfield also participates in the Artist Project, Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, and Rosedale Art Show. She has corporate and private clients and paints commission pieces.

painting of waves crashing onto the shore

Wave Back, 2019
Oil on canvas
54 in. x 54 in.

windswept trees on a rock face, overlooking a lake

Together But Apart, 2020
Mixed media and oil on canvas
48 in. x 48 in.

Darlene Winfield's studio

Darlene Winfield’s studio