David Hickey

A silhouette of three windswept pine trees on a hill with a red canoe in metal.

Red Canoe, 2021, metalwork, 23”x 21” x 15”
Minimum Bid: $200
Value: $495

About the Artist:

David Hickey is a Canadian Landscape artist working in metal and acrylic painting. His work draws from his own experiences while camping and kayaking our nearby lakes and rivers. David has an affinity for presenting a subject in minimalist form, allowing the viewer to add their own experience to fulfill the artist presentation.

David grew up in Peterborough and at the age of thirty moved to New England to teach and administer in a gallery that represented both developmentally delayed artists alongside community based artists; an endeavour well ahead of its time. During this period David was an active member of the Copley Gallery of Boston, the oldest established Gallery in North America. David achieved the status of a Copley member through his acceptance into six juried shows.

In 2004 David moved back to the Peterborough area to further develop his artistic career and to be closer to family. David has been a full time artist for the past fifteen years and is well known for his presentation of the majestic landscapes within our region.

He is currently represented by over seven Ontario Galleries including: Perivale Gallery, Eclipse Gallery and the Ethel Curry Gallery.

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A silhouette of three windswept pine trees on a hill with a red canoe in metal sitting on a pine shelf.


person viewing an artwork in a gallery of a silhouette of three windswept pine trees on a hill with a red canoe in metal.

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Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour: Selections

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