David Hickey

Two wind-swept pine trees coloured with purples and blues stand tall on a rocky shoreline against a white sky with hints of light blue. There is a lush horizon line in the distance, across the body of water.

David Hickey
Title: Blue Pines
Date: 2023
Medium: encaustic


Tour Stop: 30


About the artist:

David Hickey is a Canadian landscape artist working in metal and acrylic painting. His work draws from his personal experience, living and working in the Kawartha region. David grew up in Peterborough, and at the age of thirty moved to New England to teach. In 2004 he moved back to the area to further develop his artistic career. David has been a full-time artist for the past fifteen years and is well known for his presentation of the landscape within our region.

“The natural world is my inspiration. I strive to capture moments without restraining the creative process in each of my chosen media: metal, wood, and painting. My wood carvings and metal sculptures retain a natural element that enhances the finished work. Exploring beyond my current artistic vision is always a challenging process, and yet, it’s through this process that my work is perfected. This year, I celebrate my twentieth year as a full-time artist.” – David Hickey


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The interior of the artist’s studio with works displayed on the walls, as well as on tables. There are three people looking at works, one of them has a walker.   The interior of the artist’s studio, a display of the artists works; three paintings of trees, two plinths with various carved birds and metal works as well as a small wood bench with legs.


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