Louise Laroche

Louise Laroche draws inspiration from nature and her surroundings. She is a graduate of Fine Art at Laval University and has spent over 25 years searching for her own pathway of printmaking, guided by her passion for fragmentation. Louise’s work is evocative, with roots from her heritage of the ancient culture of 16th century Quebec.

She writes, “My current work consists of a series of Aquarelle monoprints and collages. I feel an affinity towards ancient cultures and like my work to convey a sense of timelessness. In each series I develop different aspects of the same image. Each image is different because of the many layers of Aquarelle crayons… Sometimes the print is kept as virgin, untouched. Other times the plate is printed over black ink stick drawings, giving it new dimension. I like the interaction, the tension between juxtaposed fragments. These form multiple spaces within each collage.”


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