Louise Laroche

“My current work consists of a series of aquarelle monoprints and collages. I feel an affinity towards ancient cultures and like my work to convey a sense of timelessness.”

“In each series I develop different aspects of the same image. Usually, up to four prints can be obtained from one plate. Each image is different because of the many layers of colour applied to the plastic plate who are revealed gradually during printmaking. The image is initially printed on white paper, then over different black ink drawings using an etching press. This technique gives the image a new dimension.


landscape with house

Casa, Monoprint, 2018, 20 in. x 20 in.

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2385 Indian River Line, Indian River: Indian River Line intersects Hwy 7, 13 kilometers east of the city of Peterborough. # 2385 is 1.3 kms north of Hwy 7 and south of Division Road in the hamlet of Indian River.

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