Megan Ellen MacDonald

About the Artist:

Megan Ellen MacDonald’s oil paintings have one foot in the 18th century and one in the 23rd. MacDonald appropriates romantic and baroque themes to firmly ground her work in the context of lavish genre painting, setting the stage for her colorful depictions of mass market disposable decoration and kitsch subject matter. Her work explores how we perceive the cultural value of an object or narrative based on its depiction, and the irony of portraying reality when so much of what we consider as realism is often confused with the unreal.

Megan Ellen MacDonald is an artist living and working in Toronto, ON. MacDonald received her BFA from OCADU in 2013 and has exhibited work in both Canada and the US.

Still Life painting featuring a pear, grapes and gravy bowl in bright pinks

Golden Hour, n.d., oil on linen, 36″ x 30″


Keita Morimoto, Green Hour, 2018, oil on linen. Courtesy the artist & Nicholas Metivier Gallery.

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