Roz Hermant

Mixed media diptych, one frame holds a crafted left butterfly wing, the other frame holds the right wing, displayed side by side, a complete butterfly is shown

Magicicada tredecassini L. and R., 2021, mixed media


About the artist:

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Roz Hermant is a Peterborough-based photographer and mixed media artist. She completed her degree in photography at the Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Vancouver. Always searching for what makes a captivating photograph, Roz is a firm believer that the best camera there is, is the one you have with you.

“Light and time have long been my mediums. They are delicate and ephemeral as well as heavy and perpetual, possessing the capacity to reveal or conceal based on their presence or absence. In my newest mixed media work they become subjects in my exploration of how our views can change. Inspired by the patterns, textures and natural elements in my surrounding environments I use a variety of sculpturally shaped transparent and reflective fabrics to create changing representational and abstracted views that illustrate how we are capable of truly adapting our perceptions.” – Roz Hermant


Interior of Roz Hermant’s studio, the artist’s work desk is shown in front of a blue wall, surrounded with framed photographs

Interior of Roz Hermant’s studio

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