Sandy MacFarlane

On exhibition at the Art Gallery of Peterborough:

Exhibition runs from August 20 to November 8, 2020

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About the artist:

“I am fascinated by the skill of traditional goldsmiths, and intrigued by contemporary designs, so it is not surprising to see these aspects reflected in my work. I draw inspiration for my designs from life’s experiences, my travels, and the natural beauty of the world and universe we live in: water flowing over rocks in a stream… bubbles rising from vents in the ocean floor… the vastness of the night sky… all sources of inspiration for my creations.” — Sandy MacFarlane

two sterling silver wedding rings

Intertwined, 2019
Sterling silver wedding rings
size 12 to 51⁄2

pendant made of Sterling silver, river stone, and freshwater pearl

Pendant, 2019
Sterling silver, river stone, freshwater pearl
45 mm x 20 mm.

Sandy MacFarlane's home and studio

Sandy MacFarlane’s home and studio


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