Homeschool Program

The Art Gallery of Peterborough offers enriched art classes for homeschool children of all ages. This series features a mixture of exhibition tours, vault visits and studio art-making including an independent sustained art project. Classes are on Tuesdays 1:30 to 3:30 pm. Full curriculum details for each class will be available in advance.

Artist-Instructor Anne Renouf studied Fine Art at the University of Toronto, specializing in drawing, painting and printmaking. Moving to Peterborough in 1997, she began her practice, a study of the human condition and our ‘sense of place’. Her mixed media works, abstract landscape and tree images, (using image-transfer, drawing and painting materials), are metaphorical journeys and reflect the natural beauty of her surroundings. Anne writes, exhibits and teaches regularly and is on the Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour.


Tuesdays 1:30 to 4 pm

  • Class 1 – September 25
  • Class 2 – October 23
  • Class 3 – November 27
  • Class 4 – December 11

Pre-register in all four classes in the series for $70 per student.
Cost to register in a single class is $20 per student.

Registration opens August 18! Call 705 743 9179.

  • We ask for a current year AGP Health Information Form for each student.
  • Guardians are encouraged to attend to support younger or special needs children, however it is not required for self-directed children and youth.
  • Supervision is provided 15 minutes prior to class.
  • Students may remain in the studio to 4:30 pm to complete their art projects (no instruction).