Glimmers of the Radiant Real: Publication

Glimmers of the Radiant Real: Publication

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Full-colour publication documenting Glimmers of the Radiant Real (AGP: October 13, 2018, January 6, 2019). Curated by Ruth Jones and Sam Mogelonsky. Featuring Katie Bethune-Leamen, the Broadbent Sisters, Daniel Griffin Hunt, Sanaz Mazinani, Sandy Plotnikoff, Mary Pratt, Cole Swanson, Catherine Telford-Keogh, and Xiaojing Yan.

In Glimmers of the Radiant Real, radiance, that quality of projected light we associate so often with the marvelous and the modern, is subverted by the relationship between the quality of a surface, and what it covers, reflects, or contains. The glistening, shining surfaces manipulate the viewer’s perception of dimension through reflections and refractions, thereby un-forming the object and making the familiar strange. 

Glimmers of the Radiant Real was organized and circulated by the Robert McLaughlin Gallery in partnership with the AGP and the McIntosh Gallery.

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