Carol Forbes

Abstract oil painting by Carol Forbes featuring multicoloured squares connected by a thick line on a blue background

Home Free, 2020, oil on canvas, 36″ x 36″

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About the artist:

Carol Forbes is a Peterborough painter whose work is abstract and process-driven. She studied art at the Haliburton School of Art and Design after teaching psychology at Fleming College and studying therapeutic counselling.

Moving materials across a surface is a visceral and intuitive practice for Carol, as she mixes fields of colour with gestural marks. There is no predetermined concept or vision. As a work evolves, the process becomes a delicate integration of spontaneity and restraint. Carol responds to what emerges in a series of exploratory encounters until a personal aesthetic is achieved.

“Abstraction is what intrigues me, mostly for its ability to evoke inner connections and responses to colour, shape, and line.” — Carol Forbes


Exterior view of Carol Forbes' studio. Black wooden house with white door and stone features

Carol Forbes’ studio

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Installation view of KAST Selections exhibition. From Left: Paul Nabuurs, Bronson Smith, David Hickey

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Jane LowBeer, String Theory, 2015, monotype on paper, 22" x 28"

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