Corina Kiefert Chester

two figures with their back to the viewer walking through a snowy field toward a small red house in the distance. Along the horizon are barren trees against a night sky

Wintery Eve, 2022, gelatin monotype & mixed-media collage














About the artist:

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Corina Kiefert Chester is a multimedia artist who is inspired by the quiet and peaceful beauty of the rural landscape surrounding her log home, and by the colours and textures of her many gardens.

Gelatin plate monotype printmaking is the dominant medium she is exploring at this time but she also creates using oil, oil stick, gouache, graphite and acrylic. The printmaking process is exciting and “happy accidents” can take the work in an unexpected direction. Moving from one stage to the next, drawing, mixed media and collage are incorporated as the final piece seems to create itself.

Corina is a graduate of OCADU (Illustration and Design) and University of Guelph (major in Fine Art) and both of these influences can be seen in her work. She exhibits at local galleries and juried shows and is also an educator/facilitator of numerous workshops.

Corina strives to evoke the magical solitude of her tranquil environment and to convey the importance of maintaining our connection to nature. Every day brings renewed inspiration and immense gratitude to be able to express this beauty.


interior of Corina Kiefert Chester's studio featuring a bookcase that displays her work and a gallery wall of her work to the left

Interior of Corina Kiefert Chester’s studio


kawartha autumn studio tour logo




Tour Stop 26 B (with Paul Chester)

Printmaking & Mixed-Media Collage

1520 Settler's Line, Keene


Miguel Hernandez Autorino, Why I Left, 2022, oil on canvas KAST 2022 Selections Exhibition

Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour: Selections

Jul 9, 2022 to Oct 9, 2022

It’s All About ART Online Auction Preview

Bronson Smith - All about Art Online Auction 2021

Installation view of KAST Selections exhibition. From Left: Paul Nabuurs, Bronson Smith, David Hickey

Jane LowBeer, String Theory, 2015, monotype on paper, 22" x 28"

Selections: 36th Annual Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour Exhibition

Left: Leanne Baird, Forest Light, 2020, acrylic on canvas; Right: Victoria Wallace, Silhouette Series: #10, 12, 20, 21, 2019, encaustic, ink and oil pastel

Rowena Dykins, Lynn River, 2012

Leanne Baird, Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour, 2016

John Climenhage, Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour, 2014

Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour: Selections

Sep 19, 2014 to Oct 19, 2014

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