Holly Edwards

Holly Edwards work is focused on figurative abstraction using acrylics and mixed media. She studied Philosophy at McMaster University and recently completed an art residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point on the Toronto Islands. Holly has recently had a solo show at the Art Gallery of Bancroft and an upcoming residency in Newfoundland.

“I am primarily an abstract figurative artist. I use mixed media (including acrylics, oils, soft pastels, oil sticks, charcoal, water colours, and gouache). My paintings are loose and experimental, inspired by open studio life drawing sessions and my experiences in the natural environment. These experiences are later realized on canvas, board, water colour paper, Terraskin and Mylar.”

painted female figure, seated drinking coffee

First Cup, acrylic on TerraSkin on board, 2017

Tour Stop 20

painting and mixed media

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Located off County Road 29 (Lakefield Road) west of the bridge in Lakefield. Seaforth Crescent runs south off County Road 29

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