Megan Ward

Megan Ward is a Peterborough-based painter who operates her professional practice out of her dedicated studio space, Hexagon Studios. She graduated from Ontario College of Art & Design University in 2012 with BFA in Drawing & Painting, completing her final year at OCADU’s studio in Florence, Italy.

“My work considers the role that memories and personal symbolism play in our interactions with the external world, and how we navigate imagination, dreaming, and the collective unconscious. I tend to develop multiple bodies of work concurrently, each bolstering the depth of the others. Oil and acrylic paints, photography, collage, drawing, writing, and digital production are regular aspects of my artistic practice.”

abstract landscape with pale blues

The Lady of the Lake, acrylic on canvas, 2018

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1179 Chemong Road, Peterborough: located in the north end of the city of Peterborough, 2 km north of the intersection of Chemong Road and Parkhill Road.

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