Stephanie Ford Forrester

Landscape with water, rocks, shrubs, and trees in textile patchwork. Tall blue and green multipatterned trees, with yellow, pink and purple multipatterned shrubs. Water and rocks in the foreground.

Northland Harmony, 2022, textiles, painted cotton & batiks


“With formative years spent in coastal environments it is natural that these and other fragile, beautiful places settled permanently into my imagination ultimately providing guidance towards adult life in the visual arts. Studies at Mt. Allison University’s Department of Fine Arts and The New School of Art in Toronto were followed by travels in the U.K., Europe, Turkey, Afghanistan and India. Later came time living solo in the Gatineau Hills without electricity or a car. Numerous individual and group shows in the Ottawa area were the product of a very productive time exploring printmaking and early work in textiles.

Soon, the building of a family, several log and timber frame house reclamation projects and starting work in the Museum field took precedence.

A move to Lakefield in 1990, curatorship at Hutchison House Museum in Peterborough and raising teenagers encompassed most of that decade until returning to making art full time in late 1998 with textiles emerging as my medium of choice.

Several group and solo shows followed, as well as over 20 years on the Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour, commissioned work and participation in many fine art festivals.

Working in luminous silks, batiks, cottons and hand dyed and painted fabrics, my pieces are meditations on the transitory mysteries of our beautiful, breathing earth. The immediacy and delicacy of the extensive hand work I employ is a crucial part of my creative process reflecting that same fragile and elusive process I see and experience in nature.” – Stephanie Ford Forrester



Rod Mireau, Light In The Tall Grass, 2020, graphite and watercolour on paper, 42"x 47"

seams and strata

Nov 23, 2023 to Mar 17, 2024

Selections: 39th Annual Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour

Stephanie Ford Forrester, Northland Harmony, 2022 textile, painted cotton & batiks

Miguel Hernandez Autorino, Why I Left, 2022, oil on canvas KAST 2022 Selections Exhibition

Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour: Selections

Jul 9, 2022 to Oct 2, 2022

It’s All About ART Online Auction Preview

Bronson Smith - All about Art Online Auction 2021

Installation view of KAST Selections exhibition. From Left: Paul Nabuurs, Bronson Smith, David Hickey

Jane LowBeer, String Theory, 2015, monotype on paper, 22" x 28"

Selections: 36th Annual Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour Exhibition

Left: Leanne Baird, Forest Light, 2020, acrylic on canvas; Right: Victoria Wallace, Silhouette Series: #10, 12, 20, 21, 2019, encaustic, ink and oil pastel

Peer Christensen, Park & Lansdowne St., Peterborough, oil on canvas, 2019

Looking Up, 2017

Rowena Dykins, Lynn River, 2012

Leanne Baird, Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour, 2016

31st Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour: Selections

Jenny Kastner, Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour, 2015

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